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Welcome to the Team Training Site...

Hey hows it going,if we haven’t had a chance to meet yet my name is Alan Kavanagh,I have been learning and earning online now for a few years, i also run the day dream no more Facebook support group.

Getting support and having your questions answered is extremely important  to your success especially in the early days,thats why i created the support group a few years ago,i found that  some people got excited about the business opportunity that was in front of them they may not have been able to answer the more in depth questions.

Its true also that some people may not have the confidence on day one to start creating video training.

Thats why im here and also why i decided to build this website.

Its my goal to a central hub where anyone can easily send friends,family or even co workers to get help and training on the companies we promote but also keeping up and sharing company news such as weekly webinars.

If there is something your having trouble with and we dont have a video covering it here yet please leave a comment in the facebook support group and we can all grow our business together.

Im hoping that over time this becomes a one stop shop for everything you and your team need.

I don’t claim to be a internet guru or marketing expert,im simple an ordinary dude from Ireland who figured a few things out and i want to help you and your team do the same.

If your sponsor has sent you here then you are in good hands they are trying to look out for you,supporting each other is how we grow both as people and in business.

See truth is everyone will cheer when you have a have a great day but you need supportive people around on the tough days too,thats why we are here.

Not every day is easy along your journey but if you pick a path and stick to it,you will reach your goals i have no doubt.

Together we WIN!

Thank you for being part of the team and for visiting the training site,be sure to let us know if you have an idea to make it better.

See you in the group 🙂